Wilmslow Guild Players


Thursday 24th October 2002, 7.45pm
Friday 25th October 2002, 7.45pm
Saturday 26th October 2002, 7.45pm

Five women inherit equal shares in a dilapidated pleasure pier and are forced to settle their differences in order to get the pier operational again. There is Pam, the embittered mother; Theresa, the confused daughter; Betty, the eccentric grandmother; Jackie the health addict and Sharon, the loud-mouthed punk. This comedy by Peter Quilter takes its humour from the culture clashes between the women, two of whom are sworn enemies! The comedy moves through the rigours of aerobics classes and exploding candyfloss machines until it culminates in an hilarious end-of-pier fund-raising concert.

Respecting Your Piers is a comedy with moments of high farce that is also gentle and touching.

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