Wilmslow Guild Players

A Traditional Family Pantomime

by Paul Reakes


Wednesday 13th December 2006, 7.15pm
Thursday 14th December 2006, 7.15pm
Friday 15th December 2006, 7.15pm
Saturday 16th December 2006, 2.00pm and 7.15pm

A memorable collection of characters brings this classic and enjoyable tale to life. The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham is planning horrible deeds including robbing the poor and poisoning his niece and nephew (the Babes of the title) so he can inherit their fortune. However, Robin Hood and his Merry Men have other plans, not least the rescue of Maid Marion, despite the interference of the wicked witch, Nausea Nightshade. A mysterious stranger saves the day when it seems Nausea might triumph. Colourful characters such as the madcap Nurse Nitwit and the slapstick duo Mole and Wart ensure plenty of laughs for all ages.

  Babes in the Wood