Wilmslow Guild Players

Round and Round the Garden

by Alan Ayckbourn

When Norman offers to take his sister-in-law Annie away for the weekend, she thinks she is going to the seaside. Norman has other ideas, however...

The weekend arrives, and Annie's brother Reg and his wife Sarah come to look after the house (and mother), but when Annie decides not to go away with Norman after all, all hell breaks loose with hilarious consequences.

Will Annie's slow-thinking boyfriend Tom discover the truth about her plans for the weekend? How will Norman's wife Ruth react when she learns of his "intended" infidelity?

Round and Round the Garden is one of a trio of ingeniously clever comedy plays collectively entitled The Norman Conquests by the popular playwright Alan Ayckbourn.

Join us at Wilmslow Guild for an entertaining evening of glorious mishap, misunderstanding and mayhem, round and round the garden.


Thursday 13th July 1995, 7.45pm
Friday 14th July 1995, 7.45pm
Saturday 15th July 1995, 7.45pm


Act I Scene 1 Saturday, 5.30pm
Act I Scene 2 Saturday, 9.00pm
Act II Scene 1 Sunday, 11.00am
Act II Scene 2 Monday, 9.00am