Wilmslow Guild Players

Ring Round the Moon

by Jean Anouilh

adapted by Christopher Fry


March 1992

The play takes place in a conservatory in spring.

Act I Scene 1 Morning.
Act I Scene 2 The same evening. Before the Ball.
Act II The same evening. The Ball.
Act III Scene 1 The same evening. After Supper.
Act III Scene 2 Dawn.


Look around. You are in the conservatory of the ancestral home of a French family of some means and importance in the 1920s. Look to the garden through the arch you entered by, feel the warmth of the sun beating down through the glass and allow the greenery to help you relax. It is a wonderful Spring morning. What can possibly go wrong?

You have been invited to the Ball when Frederic will announce his engagement to Diana, the daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman. However, Frederic has a twin brother, Hugo, who has hired the services of a ballet dancer this evening, hoping her presence and charm, beauty and poise will awaken the love of Frederic. Hugo hopes that Diana will notice Frederic's interest and be madly jealous. `Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!'

Take care lest you too become entangled in the complicated and carefully constructed charade in the conservatory.