Wilmslow Guild Players


Thursday 10th October 1996, 7.45pm
Friday 11th October 1996, 7.45pm
Saturday 12th October 1996, 7.45pm

Charles Condomine, short of material for his latest novel, calls in the medium Madam Arcarti to perform a seance. This results in the materialisation of his first wife...... with disastrous consequences!

The wit of Coward is as fresh today as it was when it was first conceived fifty years ago.

The action takes place at the home of Charles and Ruth Condomine, over several days.

Several of Noël Coward's plays were written fast; Blithe Spirit too six days, and was begun on 3rd May 1941. It was first produced at the Opera House, Manchester, on 16th June of the same year and then played at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, on 2nd July 1941.

The play was criticised for its morbid subject matter at that time during one of the darkest years of the Second World War. Noël Coward responded `There's no question of that, because there's no heart in the play. You can't sympathise with any of them. If there was a heart, it would be a sad story.'