Wilmslow Guild Players

Take Away The Lady

A deadly puzzler by Jimmie Chinn


Wednesday 24th March 2010, 7.45pm
Thursday 25th March 2010, 7.45pm
Friday 26th March 2010, 7.45pm
Saturday 27th March 2010, 7.45pm

Intriguing glimpses into a cupboard full of family skeletons, together with some serious, and not so serious, detective work, combine in this unusual suspense play, to keep everyone guessing until the very last page!

Returning home from prison, after serving fifteen years on the charge of having murdered his mother, Matthew finds his three sisters, his wife and his father waiting for him.

Still protesting his innocence, Matthew's arrival prompts the question of who did kill Mother - scornful Celia, dotty Emma, cold Lavinia, flighty Gilda or even gentle Father? Accusations and hypotheses abound, but it takes an apparent suicide, and a good deal of amateur sleuthing, before the truth is revealed and the lady can be taken away.

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The director appeared on David Chadderton's Theatre Show on Canalside Community Radio (102.8FM) talking about Take Away The Lady on 18th March 2010.

You can download an MP3 of the broadcast here. (5.5MB, 6 minutes)

Award Nominations

This production was nominated for the following awards at the Cheshire Theatre Guild Full Length Play Awards 2009-2010 season:

  • Geoffrey Croxford Cup for Best Supporting Actor
  • Margaret Thomas Salver for Best Costume
  • Adjudicators Award for Theatrical Adventure - for costume design