Wilmslow Guild Players


Wednesday 26th October 2005, 7.45pm
Thursday 27th October 2005, 7.45pm
Friday 28th October 2005, 7.45pm
Saturday 29th October 2005, 7.45pm

This is a gentle comedy centred around two couples, Stan and Bernice Billet and William and Margaret Patterson, whose cosy little world of beach hut holidays is unexpectedly disturbed when Doug and his nubile nieces arrive.

They have rented the adjacent beach hut and dont give a hoot for beach hut protocol. Especially when it gets in the way of having a good time..

Bob Larbey famously wrote 'The Good Life' (with John Esmonde). Other hits include the TV comedies 'A Fine Romance' and 'As Time Goes By', the plays 'A Month of Sundays' and 'Building Blocks', and the dramatisation of the 'Darling Buds of May'. Of 'Sandcastles', he says, "It's about chaos on a British beach and full of strong characters. I think the audience and cast will easily be able to identify with it and hopefully have a damn good laugh in the process".