Wilmslow Guild Players

Produced by arrangement with Jasper Publishing


Wednesday 11th December 2002, 7.15pm
Thursday 12th December 2002, 7.15pm
Friday 13th December 2002, 7.45pm
Saturday 14th December 2002, 2.00pm and 7.45pm

Clint Westwood hoves into Deadwood Gulch seeking revenge on Sheriff Small Holding. He meets Winnie Pegg and her daughter Calamity Jane, who are about to be thrown off their ranch by the Sheriffs deputies, Butch Casserole and The Sun Tanned Kid. Meet also Buffalo Bill (on account o the way ah smell), Chief Running Bare (sorry Bear), Diamond Lil and her Saloon Bar girls, Buttons and Bows. Not forgetting James the Jessie and Lightning the thoroughbred.

As every year, we promise Christmas fun for all the family!

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Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2002-2003 Season

Nominated for the James Tait Award for Best
Production with Musical Content