Wilmslow Guild Players


Thursday 18th March 1999, 7.45pm
Friday 19th March 1999, 7.45pm
Saturday 20th March 1999, 7.45pm

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 1998-99 Season

Nominated for The Manchester Evening News
Salver for Best Overall Production

Nominated for Adjudicator's Trophy
for society showing the most improvement in the season

Chairman of Wilmslow Guild Players
receiving The David Lane Cup for Best Actor

Pack of Lies is inspired by the true story of the Krogers, convicted in 1961 of spying for the Russians.

Quiet and totally unsuspecting, the Jackson family live opposite the Krogers and consider them their closest friends.

When an MI5 official arrives suddenly to use the Jackson's house as a surveillance post their decent happy life is shattered as they are plunged into a sordid alien world of deceit and intrigue.

We are delighted that the chairman of the Cheshire Theatre Guild, will be guest director for this production.