Wilmslow Guild Players

Wednesday 23rd - Saturday 26th May 2007

Running Order

Wednesday 23rd May 7.00pm
The Studio "Alice's Adventures" by Julia Whitehead (Junior/Fantasy)
Romiley Little Theatre "The Net - A Play for Children" by Roy H Vernon (Senior/Drama)
The Studio "Just for Billy" by Liz Sharp (Junior/Drama)
S.L.R. Theatre Company "A Little Box Of Oblivion" by Stephen Bean (Youth/Comedy)

Thursday 24th May 7.00pm
Wilmslow Guild Players "Permission To Cry" by David Campton (Senior/Drama)
P.A.D.O.S. "First Love" by Mark Newbold (Junior/Drama)
The Clap Trappers "The Red Balloon" by Damien Trasler (Senior/Drama)

Friday 25th May 7.00pm
Cheshire Academy of Performing Arts "Waiting For Pandora" by Geoff Bamber (Junior/Comedy)
W.A.O.D.S. "Carrie On Irony" by Steve Jacobs (Senior/Drama)
Barton Theatre Company "Where's George?" by Gary Diamond and Roy Lawrence (Senior/Comedy)
'Know Your Onions' Theatre Group "Score" by Lyndon Brook (Senior/Comedy)

Saturday 26th May 7.00pm
T.L.C. "Sherlock Holmes' Last Case" by Charlie Cook (Senior/Comedy)
Mossley AODS "Hell Has Our Phone Number" by Nicole Villacres (Youth/Comedy)
Wilmslow Guild Players "Cards, Cups and Crystal Ball" by David Campton (Senior/Comedy)

Festival Programme (PDF Format)


Best Junior Production

 Waiting For Pandora (Cheshire Academy of Performing Arts)

Best Junior Individual Performance

Just for Billy (The Studio)

Best Youth Production

 Hell Has Our Phone Number (Mossley AODS)

Best Youth Individual Performance

A Little Box Of Oblivion (S.L.R. Theatre Company)

Best Senior Production

Sherlock Holmes' Last Case (T.L.C.)

Best Senior Individual Performance

Where's George (Barton Theatre Company)

Adjudicator's Award

The script for Sherlock Holmes' Last Case (T.L.C.)

The Syd Mence Cup for a Piece of Theatre Magic

'Know Your Onions' Theatre Group for the tennis match in Score