Wilmslow Guild Players

by Emlyn Williams


Wednesday 24th October 2007, 7.45pm
Thursday 25th October 2007, 7.45pm
Friday 26th October 2007, 7.45pm
Saturday 27th October 2007, 7.45pm

A classical thriller set in the mid-thirties.

Mrs Branson, discontented and wheelchair bound, enjoys dominating her guests and staff until the arrival of Dan, who works at the nearby hotel, and who charms his way into the household.

Is Olivia right in suspecting that there is something deeper to Dan's charms? How are they all affected by the discovery in the garden of the body of the missing woman?

Award Nominations

We received two nominations at the Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2007-8 for this production:

  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Dramatic Achievement (use of space/auditorium)