Wilmslow Guild Players

Ladies in Lavender

by Shaun McKenna

Based on the hit film screenplay by Charles Dance starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, and on the original short story by William J. Locke


Wednesday 6th April 2022, 7.45pm
Thursday 7th April 2022, 7.45pm
Friday 8th April 2022, 7.45pm
Saturday 9th April 2022, 7.45pm

Ladies in Lavender  

Ladies in Lavender is a delightful drama set in Cornwall just prior to the Second World War, where we meet two single sisters, Ursula and Janet Wittington living a genteel life in their seaside cottage.

Things change when Andrea, a Polish violinist is mysteriously found washed up on their beach. Andrea develops genuine affection for the sisters who rescue him. But his presence provokes rivalry between the siblings. The sisters convey undercurrents of emotion in subtle ways despite nursing Andrea to health and teaching him some English.

Then Olga, a Russian, appears and she too casts her spell. Add Dorcus the housekeeper to the mix with her straight talking and comic genius and you have a Cornish cream tea of a play. But will the cream be clotted or curdled?