Wilmslow Guild Players

In Praise Of Love by Terrence Rattigan


Wednesday 30th October 2019, 7.45pm
Thursday 31st October 2019, 7.45pm
Friday 1st November 2019, 7.45pm
Saturday 2nd November 2019, 7.45pm


In Praise Of Love is Terence Rattigan’s penultimate play: a perceptive and powerful drama about the concealed truths and veiled emotions in a marriage.

Sebastian and Lydia Crutwell live in a small flat in Islington. Sebastian, once a promising novelist, is now a cantankerous critic. Lydia, an Estonian refugee, has recently discovered she is seriously ill, news that she confides to a family friend Mark, but not to Sebastian. Over the course of two evenings, a series of heart-breaking revelations changes the facade of Lydia and Sebastian’s relationship forever.

Deeply moving and filled with beautifully crafted dialogue, this compelling drama demonstrates Rattigan’s incomparable ability to define the British character.