Wilmslow Guild Players

Double Identity

World Premiere of this biting thriller


Wednesday 28th October 2015, 7.45pm
Thursday 29th October 2015, 7.45pm
Friday 30th October 2015, 7.45pm
Saturday 31st October 2015, 7.45pm


Charles Taylor calls the Police to inform them that his wife has gone missing. In fact he and his lover, their maid Sarah Parker, have killed her.

Or have they?... When Marilyn Taylor returns, the story takes on a new direction.

Following an apparently unconnected murder 30 miles away, the Sergeant begins to suspect that one, if not all of them, are lying.

Throw in a retired doctor, an interfering neighbour, and another detective and the result is a thriller which will keep you guessing to the last minute.

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