Wilmslow Guild Players

The Murder Game

A Traditional English Pantomime

by Richard Lloyd


Wednesday 12th December 2012, 7.15pm
Thursday 13th December 2012, 7.15pm
Friday 14th December 2012, 7.15pm
Saturday 15th December 2012 2.00pm and 7.15pm


All the traditional elements are intact in this new pantomime set just after the English Civil War when Oliver Cromwell, despising all revelry and jollity, sent out agents to stamp out Christmas.

Nicholas Grimnasty, the Witchfinder General, was one of these agents who was foolish enough to try stop the Christmas party in the village inhabited by Dame Dumplings, her niece Emma Sweetly and Christmas Cavalier, Sir Daniel Dash.

You may not know the story, but you'll still be booing and cheering like every year!