Wilmslow Guild Players


Wednesday 25th October 2006, 7.45pm
Thursday 26th October 2006, 7.45pm
Friday 27th October 2006, 7.45pm
Saturday 28th October 2006, 7.45pm

This lyrical and absorbing play is set in Accrington during the first two years of the Great War.

The "Pals" are men from the local volunteer battalion who march high-spiritedly off to war. Their experiences in the trenches are contrasted with those of the women left behind, adapting to new patterns of life and drawing together in the face of social and sexual deprivation. In particular, the attitudes of May, the hard-working and strong-minded vegetable-stall holder, are contrasted with those of her idealistic and naively optimistic lodger Tom, and also with those of Eva, her generous-hearted friend.

At times funny, at times sad, the play paints a moving and powerful picture of the changes in civilian life during wartime. Period 1914-1916.

We are very grateful to Garden Suburb Theatre for their assistance with the sound effects for this production.